Business Model

The company has demonstrated that it is a sustainable business with a well-developed and proven business model based on detailed cost analysis from initial tender stage together with constant management resources engaged through to completion.

Detailed evaluation of design and tender documentation is undertaken to enable a precise cost to be established for undertaking all works safely and in accordance with relevant specifications; in providing a tender, the company does not provide an ‘estimate’, it provides a cost for undertaking the precise work described.

All tender submissions are prepared to provide the upmost clarity with all associated activities such as temporary fall protection measures, safe means of access, hoisting and mechanical handling identified individually.

By committing this level of resource at initial tender stage, much of the risk can be eliminated from the work package as design and specification inconsistencies can be identified and resolved at an early stage.

Management of cost, quality and programme during the construction process is undertaken by our trained and experienced supervisory and contract management staff reporting to the Construction Director

Individual job costs are maintained together with monthly management accounts to ensure performance remains in line with tender provisions.