Mission Statement

W F Price (Roofing) Ltd will be the safest, most efficient and technically competent installer of completely weatherproof metal roofing and cladding systems in Scotland, delivering maximum value for clients through effective management and communication at all levels from site to boardroom.

Long term vision

W F Price (Roofing) Ltd actively seeks partnerships with other sub-contractors in complimentary fields to share expertise and allow us to take on larger and more diverse projects in the most efficient manner.

To grow the capabilities of our staff by developing training plans at every level, investing to equip our employees with up to date skills and equipment, and to retain our people by actively cultivating a positive culture where achievement is recognised both individually and collectively.

Personnel Resources

Wherever possible, the company seeks to engage key personnel by direct employment rather than utilising the services of sub-contractors.

Directly employed roles include:

  • Drawing/ design/ procurement
  • Contract management and supervision
  • Site operatives
  • Administration/ financial
  • Project quantity surveying

On occasion, or during periods of peak demand, it may be necessary to utilise additional external resources, but these are supplementary to our in-house personnel and include:

  • Specialist engineering/ design including calculations for structure and rainwater disposal etc.
  • Labour only site operatives (subject to accredited competence and training)