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Price Roofing offers a comprehensive roofing and cladding service covering new-build, remedial and refurbishment works, and maintenance.

Many years of experience enables us to offer impartial advice on the correct selection and specification of the most appropriate materials and components for each job and, equally importantly, how to undertake their installation in a safe manner.

We are continually seeking new ways to deliver our services in the most effective manner for our clients and encourage the use of recyclable materials and sustainable methods of disposal.

Our services include:

It goes without saying that a weather-tight roof is one of the most important components of any building. When correctly designed and installed, metal roofing systems provide extremely durable, cost effective and attractive roofing solutions.

Our technical team ensure that the roofing systems produced by leading suppliers are appropriate, correctly detailed and installed in accordance with current supplier and industry best-practice requirements for complete peace of mind for the client.

All components associated with the roof installation can be incorporated within our works, including:

  • Flashings, gutters and rainwater disposal
  • Formation of roof apertures and penetrations for glazed rooflights, plant and pipework
  • Roof walkways and safety lines

Whilst the roof of a building will usually be concealed from view, the cladding provides an immediate first impression.

Price Roofing are experienced in the design and installation of composite insulated architectural wall cladding systems and rainscreen cladding systems to ensure an attractive, weather-tight and secure external envelope.

Price Roofing is totally independent and we work with all of the leading reputable materials and systems manufacturers including:































Price Roofing works with a number of specialists for support services in a number of areas:

Temporary access and fall protection (FASET Members)











 Site welding and in-situ weathering








Refurbished buildings will provide totally effective weatherproofing, updated levels of thermal insulation and refreshed appearance.

Price Roofing is the leading roof reconstruction company in Scotland and often acts as principal contractor working directly for the client.

Using our knowledge of older roofing systems and our experience gained over many years, we have developed safe and efficient methods of undertaking refurbishment works, including if required, the safe removal of asbestos cement materials, even when the affected building remains occupied and operational.

We undertake the necessary survey work to determine safe means of working, provide a detailed and quantified breakdown of the works required including all necessary access and fall protection measures.

As principal contractor, we will notify the Health & Safety Executive of the proposed works, prepare the required construction Phase Health & Safety Plan, prepare and review Risk Assessments & Method Statements and implement regular independent external safety inspections by a third party consultant.

All measures are provided to ensure that the client is protected from prosecution for failure to comply with safety legislation with which they may be unfamiliar.

Like vehicles, all buildings require regular maintenance. Unfortunately, this is often not undertaken as roofs are “out of sight/ out of mind” and problems only become apparent once components have actually failed.

It is recommended that regular roof maintenance should be carried out to ensure that gutters are cleaned to prevent blockage of outlets and overflows which will cause leakage and damage to the building fabric and that fixings, flashings and sealants remain effective and structurally sound.

We will provide advice on safe means of access to undertake roof maintenance work and further advice in the event that any remedial work may need to be undertaken.

New buildings come with manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees which are often only valid in the event that the product is inspected, serviced and maintained specifically in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements.

The envelope materials used on most buildings will often have warranty periods in excess of 10, 15 or even 25 years and the installed value of the materials will often be significant. The replacement costs in the event of failure will usually be far in excess of the original installation cost.

In order that the manufacturers’ warranty remains valid all installations must be inspected annually by a competent person and a record of the inspection must be submitted to the manufacturer.

For all new and refurbishment works undertaken, Price Roofing can provide an ongoing inspection service to maintain both original manufacturer warranties as well as our own warranty in respect of design and workmanship.

As members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, insurance-backed warranties for materials and/ or workmanship are available through Quality Assured National Warranties, a trading name of Warranty Services Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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